• Anxious
  • Guilty
  • Depressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Angry or negative thoughts towards the baby

Birth is a very traumatic event, even if all went well. In addition, lack of sleep and struggles with breastfeeding can impact on mental health.

Becoming a Mum (or Dad) is a major identity shift. You may no longer work, its hard to see your friends or do the things you used to. It is common to feel “who am I now?”

It might be a while since you had your baby, or you may be in the first few weeks. I can help you find your way in this new world of parenting.

Babies development can sometimes be affected by depressed or anxious parents, especially in the first few months. Its good for both of you to seek help.

Counselling is a space to focus on you’re own needs, so childcare is needed in most cases.