Counselling can be helpful at many points in your life. It is suitable for deeply entrenched and troubling emotional problems, aswell as less chronic distress, such as negotiating life stages and painful events.

You may wish to overcome some barriers to reaching your potential, or you may feel desperate for help to cope with debilitating thoughts and feelings. Counselling can be tailored to meet both needs and can often be transformational in its impact.

Counselling can be short term (8-24 sessions) or open ended. Short term therapy is usually limited to a specific focus. Open ended therapy explores more deeply, seeking to locate the underlying source of your distress.

Getting Started

  • The first step is an initial consultation, where I will find out more about you and we can both decide if further counselling with me would be right for you. At this stage we will establish your aims and I will explain the contract.

Once you contact me I will usually respond within 24 hours.

The initial consultation can be within a week, (depending on your availability).

The session fee is the same for the initial consultation and lasts 50 minutes.