It can be a very difficult step to come for counselling. You may be feeling very confused and alone, trying to find a way forward. Whether you are depressed, anxious or troubled by thoughts or behaviours that you don’t understand and want to change, counselling can really help.

Choosing the right therapist isn’t easy, I work with individuals and couples in complete confidence, exploring their issues at their own pace and in non-judgemental way.

I have worked face to face and online for many years but now choose to see all my clients online for counselling, via Zoom or Vsee.

  • There is no doubt as to the efficacy of online counselling.  It has the same impact and power to help clients, with their emotional struggles, as face to face counselling.

The first session is an assessment, to see if regular counselling with me is right for you. It’s a chance for both of us to find out a bit more, to see what is bringing you and for you to experience my approach.

The fee is the same as for other sessions.

There is no commitment at this stage.

I offer weekday and evening appointments depending on availability.

I can usually see you for a first appointment within a week.

Contact me by phone or email, I usually respond the same day.

We can make arrangements for your first appointment by email/text message, or I can phone you back if you prefer. I will endeavour get back to you within 24 hours.

Email me: [email protected]