• Family issues
  • Friendship issues
  • Unhappy at school
  • Bereavment or other losses
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Self harm
  • Eating disorders

Sometimes children can benefit from an extra adult in their lives, who is a safe skilled professional, specifically there for them.


Its hard for young children to express themselves in words. For most primary age children play and art therapy forms the basis of sessions, alongside listening and perhaps some simple cognitive behaviour therapy.

Parents are included in the first one or two meetings if appropriate and I review and feedback with parents regularly.

Young People

Older children and teenagers have academic, social and identity issues. Eating disorders, self harming or angry behaviour are often signs of emotional struggles and can be very difficult to cope with at home. Counselling supports young clients to explore and process changes, make good choices and build resilience, during this transition to adulthood.

Parents may be included in the first session. Confidentiality for the young person is very important but may be limited as appropriate.